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IC (integrated circuit) is a micro-electronic device or component. Using a certain process, to desire a circuit transistors, resistors, capacitors and inductors and other components and wiring interconnecting together, fabricated on a small or a few pieces of the semiconductor wafer or a dielectric substrate, and then packaged in a tubular housing micro-structure, into a desired circuit function.

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Power Module generally refers to a group of power devices, which are combined into a particular package to facilitate installing, heat sinking and stably working, could be used in many power conversion applications, such like Rectifier, Inverter, and drivers. Power Modules includes: IGBT Modules, Diode Modules, Thyristor Modules, Mosfet Modules, Darlington Modules, etc.

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The Diode and Triode are the most important electronic circuit devices, which main function is the current amplification and switching effect. As the name suggests transistor having three electrodes. Diode is structured by PN, while the Triode is composed of two PN structure, since different combinations, is formed of a NPN-type transistor, and the other is a PNP type transistor.

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PCB (Printed Circuit Board), the Chinese name for the printed circuit board, also known as a printed circuit board, printed circuit boards, is the important electronic components, it is the support of electronic components and carrier of connect of electronic components electrically. Because it is produced by electron lithography, so it is called "printed" circuit board.

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