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HD63A03YP HIT  N/A  SDIP-64   *

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Thomas J LeMense  PO#:UT****ZF5098
United States 
  • EP1C3T100C8
  • HD63C09ECP
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  • EPM7160STC100-10
  • EPM240T100C5
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    Rafael  PO#:UT****VE2356
  • HCPL-3120
  • HCPL-7800
  • K6X0808C1D-GF55
  • MUBW30-12A6
  • HD6413003F16
  • TS912BID
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    SERGIO ULIANA  PO#:UT****843685
  • TLP112A
  • 74LS09
  • 74LS06FP
  • 2SD1277
  • 2SB951
  • FS10KM-10
  • FK10KM-10
  • 2SK1306
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    MICKEY HEARD  PO#:UT****UC2542
    United States 
  • CM20MD-12H
  • HD68B21P
  • LM305AH
  • 100Q6P43
  • MG150Q2YS1
  • CD4043BCN
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    Emanuela Fe  PO#:UT****VK8670
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    Noel Ellman  PO#:UT****FA6979
    South Africa 
  • MC14538BCP
    We manufacture a product that relies on the MC14538BP DIP IC. Since that IC is not made anymore, we had no luck with the other similar IC's like t... 
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