Vertical Deflection Output Circuit

Part Number LA7842
Date Code 04+ 
Manufacturer SANYO 
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RoHS compliant
LA7842 datasheet pdf

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by Olga

TK20H50C WSH41FC P609 LQA05TC600 LQA05TC600 P609 WSH41FC TK20H50C


Allways excellent! Everything ...

by Olga

SEM5025 SIL9185ACTU SSC2S110-TL STK4171II STK4192II STK465

Allways excellent! Everything OK!

Very serious seller, thanks.


TDA7384 TDA7386 TDA3653B LA78045 TDA16846 MIP2H2

Very serious seller, thanks.

I received the parts, excellen...

by AP/Byron

STRW6735 K2645 5Q0765RT CQ0765RT STR30130 CXA3809M SK18752 TDA8139

I received the parts, excellent seller

The items arrived perfect! UtS...

by Olga

TEA1733T TOP221P LA78040N LA769317L57L2-E 012A SSC9512S IRFP22N50A

The items arrived perfect! UtSource is excellent!

Excellent! Items received well...

by Olga

SG1436Y SPW20N60S5 STRS5707 STRW6053N STRY6456 TDA7448 TEA1506T

Excellent! Items received well.


  • Step1:Product

  • Step2:Casing drivepipe

  • Step3:Anti-static bag

  • Step4:Packaging boxes

  • Step5:bar-code shipping tag



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