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3.Enter "account center"->"My inquiries" and check the status of your inquiries is a professional purchasing B2B & B2C tools in electronic components field. provides different types such as IC, Modules, RF transistors etc., and various product type's PDF parameter form as well as the related photographs, we also provide satisfying one-stop package service for customers.


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We were needed, are being needed, and will be needed by large numbers.We do everything to meet your needs.

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Our functioning system

Utsource is your eyes helping you to see "the world factory". We are the most complete and professional electronic components mall DIY-style and customized services for products/ careful distribution and delivery services will reduce your costs,save your time and energy

Our operating system

We have never met, but we are elaborately prepared for you High standards of warehouse-out inspection for the product and continuous optimization of the procurement system guarantee the quality of every product out of the warehouse Our cells can sense the needs of the customers for every moment

Our service system

We fell honored to serve the global 30W + customers.We spent 13 years touching the needs of customers from all over the world.So we know better that our customers need their packages to arrive safely.After-sales service need at your fingertips and intimate service should be to customers' satisfaction

One-stop purchasing and delivery service

Electronic components are too difficult to purchase all kinds you want? The amount purchased is small? Utsource supply ** W+ products exclusively and 1 piece for sale Not all platforms can make it The consistent quality standards ,one package ,one-time paid freight , the goods arrive at the same time!

DIY products

Utsource operating system

Powerful enterprise management system High intelligence procurement / pre-procurement system Ultra-stable order system Powerful warehouse management system Professional products out of the library inspection technology Convenient delivery system with a single Applies to each terminal pc / mobile / APP platform

Logistics system

We are in cooperation with high-standard international logistics UPS,DHL,TNT,FEDEX

After-sales service system

60 days + after-sales service for product

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Starting to understand how good Utsouce is It will surely live up to your expectations

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