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  • touxiang


    A small business owner

    One time, I need to produce a number of circuit boards, with small quantity of 100pcs. I contacted a local factory to help me customize, but they abruptly refused me for such a small order. Eventually for this order, I paid US$3000, and waited for 12 weeks. Despite of my anxiety, I had to take up all my patience. Finally I found UTSOURCE in Feb. 2016 when I tried to send my customized needs to UTSOURCE, frankly speaking, I was not sure at all. But UTSOURCE response surprised me. It was unbelievable when I read the email . The same needs, the same amount, UTSOURCE offered only 1/4 time of the factory, the price is 70% cheaper. Yes, that was it, 70% cheaper! You may ask me something so cheap really meet my needs? I was also worried about this problem, but when I got the products, all fears vanished! As for delivery, UTSOURCE made it three days earlier than the scheduled delivery time, quality is also satisfying! If you are worried about small orders, you’d better try UTSOURCE, believe me, they will not let you down.

    We provide the services

    A Small Amount Of Procurement

    Sample Preparation

    Volume Foundry

  • touxiang


    College Student

    I am a student and electronics enthusiast. I like designing some electronic products, With my girlfriend and electronics enthusiasts we like designing some electronic products, after my girlfriend finishes product design, I have so much headache for PCB customization, you know, a few pieces of PCB customize, no one is willing to talk to me. Even if I know that if I put the baking board into music box, my girlfriend would not mind. But I still want to be able to give her the best gift. Suddenly on Facebook I found a follower recommending UTSOURCE to me, I was feeling almost like a desperate traveler found light at the end of dark tunnel. Utsourse not only can customize PCB board, but also provide a lot of electronic components. UTSOURCE engineers are very professional and gave me some good advice. And what surprise me more, even if the price is relatively high, but I still hope that the price lower, or I'll have to sell my skateboard. To my surprise the total price is actually less than US$200! You just can not believe it when I received the package, but I still have to say, Thank you so much UTSOURCE!

    We provide the services

    Technical Support

    PCB Customization

    Testing Trial

  • touxiang


    Computer Engineer

    As a maintenance staff, in fact, I have already contacted UTSOURCE. UTSOURCE is very great, you can find a lot of components, most production have been discontinued, I buy thousands of components in the UTSOURCE every year, the price is cheaper and I always can get what I want, this is why I need UTSOURCE. But sometimes, I will undesirable, why UTSOURCE only sell electronic components ? If UTSOURCE can provide more services it will be better, sometimes to replace a module; the time and costs will be less than repairing a component. As UTSOURCE old client, I received a message from UTSOURCE R&D, I learned that UTSOURCE plans to offer customized services, I am so happy. When UTSOURCE have customized services, I just need a battery, so I try to customize a piece of battery, ha ha, I admit, I customized only one pack. UTSOURCE engineers’ attitude is very good, they do not have slightest impatience even if I just customize one battery, and they also gave me very professional advice.

    We provide the services

    Technical Support

    Battery Customization

    Testing Trial

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