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2 Layers size ≤ 100x100mm

FR4,1.6MM,1oz,HASL,Green Solder mask,white silkscreen

  • 10pcs

    2-3 days

  • 100pcs

    3-4 days

  • 500pcs

    6-7 days

  • 1000pcs

    6-7 days


4 Layers size ≤ 100x100mm

FR4,1.6MM,1oz,HASL,Green Solder mask,white silkscreen

  • 10pcs

    4-5 days

  • 100pcs

    6-7 days

  • 500pcs

    7-8 days

  • 1000pcs

    7-8 days

  • Best value

    Manufacturer direct pricing

  • Fast turnarounds

    As fast as 48 hours

  • Low Minimums

    Quality customer service

Instant Quote Upload design files
  • Board size:
    X(Units: cm)


    Board size:If is a square on the filling length * width,If it is circular fill in diameter,irregular shape fill maximum range.(Size ±0.2cm),If you have special requirements can contact us:pcb@UTSOURCE.net

  • Board layers:


    Board layers:The board of the layers,If you have special requirements can contact us:pcb@UTSOURCE.net.

  • The board quantity:


    The board quantity:The number of PCB you need, the minimum 1pcs,PCs is a unit, set is a set of plate.

  • Pannel number:


    Pannel number:The number of PCB different

  • Board Thickness:


    Board thickness:The thickness of the circuit board(±10%),If you have special requirements can contact us:pcb@UTSOURCE.net

  • The minimum line width and distance:


    The minimum line width and distance

  • BGA:



  • VIA hole size:


    VIA hole size

  • Half hole:


    Half hole

  • Blind and buried hole:


    Blind and buried hole

  • Impedance:



  • Solder resist color:


    The color of the surface of the circuit board,If you have special requirements can contact us,pcb@UTSOURCE.net

  • Silkscreen color:


    Silkscreen color

  • Surface finishes:


    Surface finishes

  • Via requirement:


    Via requirement

  • Flying probe Test:


    Flying probe Test

  • AOI Test:


    AOI Test

  • Finished copper thickness:


    OZ Is a unit of weight,1OZ=28.35g,PCB using OZ to represent Copper foil thickness,2OZ=70μm Copper foil thickness.

  • PTH Cu Thk:


    PTH Cu Thk(unit:μm)

  • Mold Profiling:


    Mold Profiling

  • Material Factory:



  • Material type:


    Material type

  • Special plates type:


    Special plates type

  • Inspection standard:


    Inspection standard

  • Remark :
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  • Alternate Text

    No Hidden cost

    1-2 layers 100x100mm

    3-5 Days delivery

    US $5.00/10 pieces

  • Alternate Text

    Best Value

    L≤100mm W≤100mm

    10 pcs 4 lavers 4-6 Days delivery

    US $53.00/10 pieces

  • Alternate Text

    PCB Assembly

    Assembly service at low cost

    3-5 Days delivery

    US $25.00

  • Basic Specs

    • Main product 1 -10 Layers
    • Turn time As fast 24 hours
    • Qty req 5 - 10000+
    • Materials FR4,Aluminum
    • Finished copper 1 - 3oz
    • Trace/space 4/4mil(0.1mm)
  • Full feature

    • Layer count 1 -20 Layers
    • Turn time Same Day- 5 weeks
    • Qty req 1 - 10000+
    • Board type High-Temp FR4,Flex,Flex-rigid,HDI,Rogers,etc
    • Finished copper 0.5 - 6oz
    • Trace/space Down to 2.75/3 Mils
  • PCB Assembly

    • Fulfillment Tumkey/Kitted/Hybrid
    • Turn time 2 Day- 3 weeks
    • Qty req 1 - 10000+
    • Capability SMT&Supply Parts
    • Soldering Machine+Hand
    • Stencil Framework Stencil

Please upload your design files

Please upload the board files (GERBER) and other documentation.

    Please try to provide the GERBER file for our company, other PCB files easily lead to version are not compatible error Turn our DXP unified with AD10.0 software GERBER, over high AD10.0 version be sure to provide the GERBER prevent mistakes

    • Email:
    • Name:
    • Country:
    • Delivery:
      working days(This is only production time, shipping time takes about 1~3 days.)
    • Remark:
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    service support

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