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Make a small motor in 10 minutes

Make a small motor in 10 minutes

Author:Geekfans Date: 08/02/2018

This small motor is very simple. It consists of a battery, a magnet, and a coil that you make it by yourself.

Step 1: Materials you need:
One battery holder
One battery
a magnet
Some enameled wires
Some slightly harder wires

Step 2: Make a coil
In order to make this coil more round and more beautiful, we can wrap it around a cylinder, such as a ballpoint pen, or a AAA battery. As for the diameter of the coil, the requirements are not strict, but it is related to the thickness of the wire. The thin line should be a small coil and the thick line should be a large coil. It should have 25-30 turns and the end should be reserved for a length of approximately 10 cm. There is no need to wrap it too neatly, and a little mess can make it better to maintain shape. Shown in the pic below.

Step 3: Fix the coil
To prevent the coil from loosening, we make a knot along the diameter of the coil. As shown in the pic below:


Step 4: Scraping the coil
This step is crucial, and it is directly related to whether the generator that was finally made can be turned. Hold the coil upright, place one end of the coil on the table, then scrape off the patent leather on the top to completely expose the underside copper. Scrape the patent leather on the other end with the same method. Remember that the patent leather scraped off at both ends must face upwards. Here is a schematic:

Step 5: Do the bracket
Make two such brackets as shown in the pic below

Step 6: Assembling
As shown in the pic below. We chose the battery holder as the base because it will become heavier when the battery is installed, and the coil does not sway during the rotation. The two brackets are respectively connected to the positive and negative poles of the battery holder, and the bracket need to be high enough to ensure that the coil can still rotate freely after the magnet is placed.

Source From: Geekfans
Translated By: Utsource

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