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1 1

1. Where did you hear about Utsource:

  • Search Engine
  • Advertisement
  • Forum or Blog Post
  • other:
2 2

2. Do you find the goods or services you need on Utsource:

  • Yes, it's very convenient
  • No, because the searching and screening function is too difficult to use
  • No, I couldn't find the goods I need. The goods that I need is/are:
  • No, I couldn't find the service(s) I need. The service(s) that I need is/are:
3 3

3. Except for price, what would make up your decision when you buy something:

  • Product quality
  • Shipping costs
  • Shipping time
  • other:
4 4

4. In addition to the purchase of goods, is there any other sevice that you need:

  • Industry News and Information
  • Help in use of the goods, samples, related products, etc
  • To communicate with other people of the same industry
  • low-quantity customization services of PCB board and other components
  • other:
  • None of the above
5 5

5. Do you make purchase(s) on Utsource:

  • Yes, I shop on Utsource
  • No, I Don't shop on Utsource
  • Not sure, I'll consider it
6 6

6.During your shopping process, which parts make up a bad experience:

  • Before buying, specifically:
  • Payment and logistics, specifically:
  • Post-sales, specifically:
  • Other, specifically
7 7

6.What stops you from shopping on Utsource:

  • There's no goods I need
  • Price is too high
  • Shipping is too slow
  • Poor quality of goods
  • There is no quotation for the goods
  • No online customer service for consultation
  • other:
8 8

6.Which of the following will make you willing to give Utsource a try:

  • Lower commodity prices
  • Cheaper shipping costs
  • Free Return policy (exclude the shipping costs)
  • More convenient and instant online customer service
  • other:
9 9

7.Utsource has newly launched a Plus Service, which gives you a 10% shopping discount , faster shipment, as well as premium coupons, are you interested:

  • Yes
  • No, because:
10 10

8.Utsource hopes to advertize so that more people will know us, what do you think is the best way to do so:

  • Website ads, recommended website:
  • Newspaper or magazine advertising, recommended media:
  • All kinds of exhibition ads; specific exhibition name:
  • other:
11 11

9. With regard to Utsource's app, Under what situation would you use:

  • Search for goods and prices
  • Make payment for orders
  • Check order details
  • Communicate with customer service
  • Other cases:
12 12

10. What is your best expectation for Utsource:

service support