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  • Encapsulation: TO-3PL
  • Brand: TOSHIBA


  • 4.0



    Nice package.
    Fast shipping.
    Excellent service.

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  • Tarsissius Tedja

    Fix my power amp.


    Fix my power amp.

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  • Milthon Mollo Catacora

    Buen empaque!. Llega con segu...


    Buen empaque!.
    Llega con seguridad!
    Excelente tienda al por menor y mayor!
    Varias opciones de pago!

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  • Florian Poeschko

    About one year ago (September ...


    About one year ago (September 2014) I ordered a first shipment of parts, so I′m giving a long-therm evaluation here.
    UT-Source in my opinion is a reputable, professional seller with great pricing, communication, care taking/handling and reassurance that no fake-parts are sold. I am very confident in their service and I′m currently preparing another shipment of same size.
    Items: Standard, hard-to-get and long obsolete components like
    - Transistors (e.g. Sanyo 2SK44, Fairchild FQPF11P06)
    - Diodes (e.g. Rohm 1S2473, Toshiba 1S1588)
    - Integrated circuits (e.g. National Semiconductors LM308)
    Quotation: The quotation (pre-buy) was turned around fast, it was accurate and clear (including shipping costs). Several parts needed communication on my behalf with a sales assistant who was able to answer every question I had (e.g. is component definitely from the manufacturer I specified, can I see another picture, etc.). All my necessities we′re met and all components/manufacturers could be found. Pictures were sent for confirmation where needed and matched parts sent.
    Parts: After working with the parts over the past year I can say they are all of genuine brand/manufacturer and I haven′t yet had a single defective component.
    Packing: All parts were sent in sealed ESD-secure soft-bags/hard batch-casings and accurately labelled (part number, manufacturer and amount). Bags can be opened and sealed again which makes them great for both storage and regular use.
    Shipment: The whole shipment was packed carefully and no damage to any parts. It was delivered faster as expected and customs were taken care of hassle-free. The cost was very reasonable.
    Pricing: The pricing was excellent especially with greater amounts which was why I could purchase a greater amount for surplus (In some instances several hundreds of them.)

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  • Robert Spezzano C/O

    UT Source a great place to sho...


    UT Source a great place to shop
    and you can be sure your getting 100% real top Quality Products
    i am making a New order Already thank you UTSource

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  • Denis Valerjevich Selivokhin

    I've got the parcel, everythin...


    I've got the parcel, everything is great. I'm very satisfied with the item and service. Thank you very much.

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  • Mr. Tewan Isaravisut

    Excellent seller Excellent pac...


    Excellent seller Excellent packing Fast Delivery

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  • Antanas Pimpis

    Many, I got everything.Ver...


    Many, I got everything.Very good salesman.


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  • From $18.00-$35.00 basic

    shipping fee depend on

    zone and country

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    depend on different zone and



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