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  • TIL311
  • TIL311
  • TIL311
  • TIL311

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  • Encapsulation: DIP
  • Brand: TI

Product Details




This hexadecimal display contains a four-bit latch, decoder, driver, and 4 × 7 light-emitting-diode (LED) character with two externally driven decimal points in a 14-pin package. A description of the input functions of this device follows.

The LED driver outputs are designed to maintain a relatively constant on-level current of approximately 5 mA through each LED that forms the hexadecimal character. This current is virtually independent of the LED supply voltage within the recommended operating conditions. Drive current varies slightly with changes in logic supply voltage resulting in a change in luminous intensity as shown in Figure 2. This change will not be noticeable to the eye. The decimal point anodes are connected to the LED supply; the cathodes are connected to external pins. Since there is no current limiting built into the decimal point circuits, limiting must be provided externally if the decimal points are used.

The resultant displays for the values of the binary data in the latches are as shown below.


0.300-Inch (7,62-mm) Character Height

High Brightness

Left-and-Right-Hand Decimals

Separate LED and Logic Power Supplies May Be Used

Wide Viewing Angle

Internal TTL MSI Chip With Latch, Decoder,and Driver Operates from 5-V Supply

Constant-Current Drive for Hexadecimal Characters

Easy System Interface

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