IC Chips

74 series Digital Integrated Circuits

CD40 series Digital Integrated Circuits

Optical Couplers

Clock & Calculator ICs

Operational Amplifiers

Power Switch Ics

Driver Ics

Flash Memory


Audio Special Purpose

Clock/Timing - Application Specific

Clock/Timing - Clock Buffers, Drivers

Clock/Timing - Clock Generators, PLLs, Frequency Synthesizers

Clock/Timing - Delay Lines

Clock/Timing - IC Batteries

Clock/Timing - Programmable Timers and Oscillators

Clock/Timing - Real Time Clocks

Data Acquisition - ADCs/DACs - Special Purpose

Data Acquisition - Analog Front End (AFE)

Data Acquisition - Analog to Digital Converters (ADC)

Data Acquisition - Digital Potentiometers

Data Acquisition - Digital to Analog Converters (DAC)

Data Acquisition - Touch Screen Controllers

Embedded - CPLDs (Complex Programmable Logic Devices)

Embedded - DSP (Digital Signal Processors)

Embedded - FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Array)

Embedded - FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Array) with Microcontrollers

Embedded - Microcontroller, Microprocessor, FPGA Modules

Embedded - Microcontrollers

Embedded - Microcontrollers - Application Specific

Embedded - Microprocessors

Embedded - PLDs (Programmable Logic Device)

Embedded - System On Chip (SoC)

Interface - Analog Switches - Special Purpose

Interface - Analog Switches, Multiplexers, Demultiplexers

Interface - CODECs

Interface - Controllers

Interface - Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)

Interface - Drivers, Receivers, Transceivers

Interface - Encoders, Decoders, Converters

Interface - Filters - Active

Interface - I/O Expanders

Interface - Modems - ICs and Modules

Interface - Modules

Interface - Sensor and Detector Interfaces

Interface - Sensor, Capacitive Touch

Interface - Serializers, Deserializers

Interface - Signal Buffers, Repeaters, Splitters

Interface - Signal Terminators

Interface - Specialized

Interface - Telecom

Interface - UARTs (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter)

Interface - Voice Record and Playback

Linear - Amplifiers - Audio

Linear - Amplifiers - Instrumentation, OP Amps, Buffer Amps

Linear - Amplifiers - Special Purpose

Linear - Amplifiers - Video Amps and Modules

Linear - Analog Multipliers, Dividers

Linear - Comparators

Linear - Video Processing

Logic - Buffers, Drivers, Receivers, Transceivers

Logic - Comparators

Logic - Counters, Dividers

Logic - FIFOs Memory

Logic - Flip Flops

Logic - Gates and Inverters

Logic - Gates and Inverters - Multi-Function, Configurable

Logic - Latches

Logic - Multivibrators

Logic - Parity Generators and Checkers

Logic - Shift Registers

Logic - Signal Switches, Multiplexers, Decoders

Logic - Specialty Logic

Logic - Translators, Level Shifters

Logic - Universal Bus Functions

Memory - Batteries

Memory - Configuration Proms for FPGAs

Memory - Controllers

PMIC - AC DC Converters, Offline Switchers

PMIC - Battery Chargers

PMIC - Battery Management

PMIC - Current Regulation/Management

PMIC - Display Drivers

PMIC - Energy Metering

PMIC - Full, Half-Bridge Drivers

PMIC - Gate Drivers

PMIC - Hot Swap Controllers

PMIC - Laser Drivers

PMIC - LED Drivers

PMIC - Lighting, Ballast Controllers

PMIC - Motor Drivers, Controllers

PMIC - OR Controllers, Ideal Diodes

PMIC - PFC (Power Factor Correction)

PMIC - Power Distribution Switches, Load Drivers

PMIC - Power Management - Specialized

PMIC - Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Controllers

PMIC - Power Supply Controllers, Monitors

PMIC - RMS to DC Converters

PMIC - Supervisors

PMIC - Thermal Management

PMIC - V/F and F/V Converters

PMIC - Voltage Reference

PMIC - Voltage Regulators - DC DC Switching Controllers

PMIC - Voltage Regulators - DC DC Switching Regulators

PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Linear

PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Linear + Switching

PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Linear Regulator Controllers

PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Special Purpose

Specialized ICs






Power Supply

Smart Power Module

SCR,GTO and Diode


Darlington Transistors

RF Modules




Servo drive & amplifier & Servo

Diode Module

Transistor Module

Switch Relay



Contactor & Breaker

Elevator Board

Industry Control



Bipolar transistors


Carbon Film Resistors

Cement Resistors

Chassis Mount Resistors

Chip Resistor - Surface Mount

Current Sense Resistors

Fusible Chip Resistor

High Precision & Low TCR SMD Resistors

High Voltage Resistor

LED Strip Resistors

MELF Resistor

Metal Alloy Resistors

Metal Film Resistor (TH)

Metal Glaze Resistors

Metal Oxide Film Resistors

Metal Oxide Resistors

NTC Thermistors

PTC Thermistors


Potentiometers & Variable Resistors

Precision Potentiometer

Resistor Networks & Arrays

Resistor Networks & Arrays (TH)

Ultra Low Resistors (SMD)

Variable Resistors


Wirewound Resistors


Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - Leaded

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - SMD

CBB Capacitors

CL21 Capacitor

Ceramic Disc Capacitors

High Voltage Capacitors

Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - Leaded

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT

Mylar Capacitor

Niobium Oxide Capacitors

Polyester Film Capacitors

Solid Polymer Electrolytic Capacitor

Supercapacitors & Ultracapacitors

Suppression Capacitors

Tantalum Capacitors

Trimmers, Variable Capacitors

Inductors & Ferrite Beads & Transformers


Current Transformers

General Inductors (TH)

HF Inductors

Inductors (SMD)

LINE Filter

Power Inductors

Power Transformer

RJ45 Transformer

Radial Inductor (TH)

The circular inductors





Ceramic Resonators

DIP Oscillators(XO)

Radial Cylinder Crystals

SAW Resonators

SMD Crystals

SMD Oscillators(XO)


AV Connectors

Audio & Video Connectors

Banana and Tip Connectors

Card Edge Connectors

Circular Connectors

Connector - Card Sockets


Connectors - Accessories

Connectors - Housings


D-Sub Connectors

Ethernet Connectors/Modular Connectors

FFC, FPC (Flat Flexible) Connectors

Fiber Optic Connectors

IC & Component Sockets

LED Light Pipes

Mezzanine Connectors (Board to Board)

PCB Connectors - Headers, Male Pins

PCB Connectors - Headers, Receptacles, Female Sockets

PCB Connectors - Housings

Power Connectors

RF Connectors/Coaxial Connectors

Shunts & Jumpers

Terminal Blocks - Accessories

Terminal Blocks - Barrier Blocks

Terminal Blocks - Din Rail, Channel

Terminal Blocks - Headers, Plugs and Sockets


Test Clips

Test Points/Test Rings

USB Connectors

Unspecified Connectors

Screw-type wiring

Spring-type wiring

Pluggable Terminal Blocks

Through-wall Terminal Blocks

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C8051 Mixed-Signal 32KB ISP FLASH MCU Family


Mixed-Signal 32KB ISP FLASH MCU Family

Related Parts: C8051F C8051F0 C8051F000 C8051F00 C8051F000-GQ C8051F002 C8051F001 C8051F001-GQ C8051F000-GQR C8051F000R C8051F001R C8051F005 C8051F005-GQR C8051F005-GQ C8051F002-GQ C8051F002-GQR C8051F002R C8051F005-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 32KB FLASH 64TQFP C8051F005 C8051F015-GQR C8051F007-GQR C8051F012-GQ C8051F007 C8051F015 C8051F006 C8051F007- C8051F007-GQ C8051F015-GQ C8051F006-GQ C8051F012-GQR C8051F011-GQR C8051F011-GQ C8051F010-GQR C8051F010-GQ C8051F006-GQR C8051F005R C8051F010R C8051F006R C8051F011R C8051F012R C8051F007R C8051F010 C8051F012 C8051F011 C8051F007-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 32KB FLASH 32LQFP C8051F007 C8051F021-GQ C8051F020 C8051F021-GQR C8051F021 C8051F020-GQR C8051F016/0059R C8051F018-GQ C8051F020-CQ C8051F020-CQR C8051F020-GQ C8051F017-GQ C8051F017 C8051F016 C8051F019-GQR C8051F019-GQ C8051F018-GQR C8051F017-GQR C8051F016-GQ C8051F016-GQR C8051F017R C8051F015R C8051F020R C8051F016R C8051F019R C8051F018R C8051F019 C8051F018 C8051F021-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 64KB FLASH 64TQFP C8051F021 C8051F020-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 64KB FLASH 100TQFP C8051F020 C8051F020-GQR C8051F023 C8051F040 C8051F050 C8051F046 C8051F022 C8051F120 C8051F061-GQ C8051F060-GQR C8051F043-GQR C8051F023-GQR C8051F022-GQR C8051F040-GQR C8051F045-GQ C8051F047-GQ C8051F120-GQ C8051F060-GQ C8051F065-G C8051F042- C8051F040-G C8051F04 C8051F046-GQ C8051F040- C8051F040-CCLAN C8051F120G C8051F06 C8051F12 C8051F1 C8051F060 C8051F022-CQ C8051F040-GQ C8051F065-GQR C8051F044 C8051F063-GQ C8051F046-GQR C8051F022-CQR C8051F040-CCLANU C8051F061 C8051F023-GMR C8051F120DK C8051F065-GQ C8051F022-GQ C8051F043-GQ C8051F042-GQ C8051F041-GQ C8051F064-GQ C8051F023-GQ C8051F044-GQ C8051F067-GQ C8051F042-GQR C8051F062-GQ C8051F047-GQR C8051F045-GQR C8051F044-GQR C8051F067-GQR C8051F066-GQR C8051F041-GQR C8051F066-GQ C8051F063-GQR C8051F062-GQR C8051F061-GQR C8051F022R C8051F023R C8051F021R C8051F041R C8051F042R C8051F043R C8051F040R C8051F060R C8051F061R C8051F062R C8051F063R C8051F041 C8051F043 C8051F042 C8051F062 C8051F063 C8051F064R C8051F065R C8051F066R C8051F045 C8051F047 C8051F067R C8051F064 C8051F065 C8051F066 C8051F067 C8051F040-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 64KB FLASH 100TQFP C8051F040 C8051F023-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 64KB FLASH 64TQFP C8051F023 C8051F022-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 64KB FLASH 100TQFP C8051F022 C8051F060-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 64KB FLASH 100TQFP C8051F060 C8051F064-GQR C8051F310-GQ C8051F312-GQ C8051F125 C8051F310 C8051F304 C8051F301 C8051F311 C8051F311DK C8051F305 C8051F302 C8051F300 C8051F311-GMR C8051F303 C8051F236 C8051F131-GQ C8051F310-GQR C8051F121-GQ C8051F230 C8051F231-GQR C8051F312-GQR C8051F226 C8051F302-GMR C8051F300-GMR C8051F206 C8051F310B C8051F121-GQR C8051F121-DCLA21 C8051F231 C8051F311-GM C8051F305-GMR C8051F301-GMR C8051F30A C8051F126 C8051F126-GQR C8051F130-GQR C8051F120-GQR C8051F126-GQ C8051F305-GM C8051F304-GM C8051F305-GRM C8051F124 C8051F300DK C8051F301-GS C8051F300-GM C8051F310DK C8051F124- C8051F130- C8051F310GQR C8051F132-GQR C8051F206- C8051F226- C8051F231- C8051F236-GQ C8051F123-G C8051F120GQR C8051F206GQ C8051F13 C8051F123-GQ C8051F206-GQ C8051F226-GQ C8051F231-GQ C8051F130 C8051F124-GQ C8051F130-GQ C8051F236-GQR C8051F127 C8051F133-GQ C8051F121 C8051F123 C8051F230-GQ C8051F311-GMR QFN C8051F131 C8051F133-GQR C8051F301-GM C8051F132-GQ C8051F127-GQ C8051F125-GQ C8051F122-GQ C8051F300-GS C8051F305-GS C8051F302-GM C8051F305-GSR C8051F304-GSR C8051F304-GS C8051F303-GMR C8051F303-GM C8051F303-GSR C8051F302-GSR C8051F303-GS C8051F301-GSR C8051F302-GS C8051F300-GSR C8051F300-GDI C8051F221-GQ C8051F221-GQR C8051F230-GQR C8051F220-GQ C8051F220-GQR C8051F226-GQR C8051F206-GQR C8051F131-GQR C8051F127-GQR C8051F125-GQR C8051F123-GQR C8051F122-GQR C8051F230R C8051F226R C8051F221R C8051F231R C8051F220R C8051F236R C8051F206R C8051F300R C8051F301R C8051F302R C8051F303R C8051F300P C8051F310R C8051F311R C8051F124R C8051F127R C8051F125R C8051F126R C8051F304R C8051F305R C8051F121R C8051F122R C8051F123R C8051F120R C8051F220 C8051F221 C8051F122 C8051F132 C8051F312 C8051F133 C8051F310-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 16KB FLASH 32LQFP C8051F310 C8051F121-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 128KB FLASH 64TQFP C8051F121 C8051F120-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 128KB FLASH 100TQFP C8051F120 C8051F300-GMR IC MCU 8BIT 8KB FLASH 11QFN C8051F300 C8051F130-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 128KB FLASH 100TQFP C8051F130 C8051F311-GMR IC MCU 8BIT 16KB FLASH 28QFN C8051F311 C8051F126-GQ IC MCU 8BIT 128KB FLASH 100TQFP C8051F126 C8051F304-GMR C8051F124-GQR C8051F352-GQ C8051F352 C8051F320 C8051F351-GM C8051F317 C8051F321DK C8051F330DK C8051F313DK C8051F334 C8051F353 C8051F326 C8051F330 C8051F351 C8051F327 C8051F321 C8051F313 C8051F333 C8051F331 C8051F410 C8051F340-TB C8051F340-GQR C8051F344-GQ C8051F340-GQ C8051F340 C8051F362-GMR C8051F342-GQ C8051F321-GM C8051F314-GQR C8051F314-GQ C8051F326-GM C8051F335-GM C8051F313-GMR C8051F352-GQR C8051F364 C8051F336-GM C8051F332 C8051F334-GMR C8051F332-GM C8051F321-GQR C8051F380 C8051F332-GMR C8051F316-GM C8051F317-GM C8051F313-GM C8051F31A C8051F336-GMR C8051F317-GMR C8051F345-GQR C8051F345 C8051F320-GQ C8051F327-GM C8051F34A-GM C8051F316-GMR C8051F321-GMR C8051F347 C8051F380-GQR C8051F334-GM C8051F347-GQ C8051F343 C8051F342 C8051F350-GQR C8051F330-GMR C8051F320-GQR C8051F330-GM C8051F331-GM C8051F350-GQ C8051F387-GQ C8051F340DK C8051F338-GMR C8051F342-GM C8051F346-G C8051F360-G C8051F361- C8051F364-G C8051F35 C8051F34 C8051F36 C8051F37 C8051F41 C8051F321(F321 C8051F327(F327 C8051F315G C8051F361-G C8051F350 C8051F4 C8051F341 C8051F344 C8051F346 C8051F366 C8051F361-GQR C8051F342-GMR C8051F346-GQ C8051F360-GQ C8051F361-GQ C8051F364-GQ C8051F327-GMR C8051F37A C8051F320DK C8051F330-G C8051F331-GMR C8051F316 C8051F330D C8051F347-GQR C8051F384-GQ C8051F340-CQ C8051F315-GMR C8051F320-GMR C8051F362-GM C8051F367-GM C8051F313GM C8051F393-A-GM C8051F314 C8051F392-A-GMR C8051F360-C-GQR C8051F342-GQR C8051F321-GMR F321 c8051f340-gqr C8051F396-A-GMR C8051F389-B-GQ C8051F382-GQR C8051F337-GMR C8051F380-GQ C8051F362-C-GM C8051F360-C-GQ C8051F394-A-GM C8051F38C-GQ C8051F387-GM C8051F382-GQ C8051F385-GQ C8051F338-GM C8051F363-C-GQ C8051F361-C-GQ C8051F386-GQ C8051F333-GM C8051F315-GM C8051F365-C-GM C8051F34A-GQ C8051F366-C-GQ C8051F349-GQ C8051F343-GQ C8051F341-GQ C8051F383-GMR C8051F34C-GQ C8051F396-A-GM C8051F390-A-GM C8051F399-A-GM C8051F398-A-GM C8051F392-A-GM C8051F370-A-GM C8051F38C-GM C8051F337-GM C8051F391-A-GM C8051F371-A-GM C8051F369-C-GM C8051F367-C-GM C8051F38B-B-GQ C8051F389-B-GM C8051F389-GQ C8051F369-GM C8051F366-GQ C8051F381-GQ C8051F381-GM C8051F383-GQ C8051F385-GM C8051F399-A-GMR C8051F398-A-GMR C8051F397-A-GMR C8051F395-A-GMR C8051F397-A-GM C8051F394-A-GMR C8051F395-A-GM C8051F375-A-GMR C8051F393-A-GMR C8051F391-A-GMR C8051F374-A-GMR C8051F375-A-GM C8051F390-A-GMR C8051F374-A-GM C8051F371-A-GMR C8051F370-A-GMR C8051F38C-GMR C8051F326-GMR C8051F38C-GQR C8051F38B-B-GMR C8051F387-GMR C8051F38B-B-GM C8051F38B-B-GQR C8051F38A-B-GQR C8051F387-GQR C8051F38A-B-GQ C8051F389-B-GMR C8051F386-GQR C8051F383-GQR C8051F383-GM C8051F385-GMR C8051F335-GMR C8051F389-B-GQR C8051F381-GMR C8051F388-B-GQ C8051F385-GQR C8051F388-B-GQR C8051F38B-GM C8051F384-GQR C8051F381-GQR C8051F333-GMR C8051F38A-GQ C8051F339-GMR C8051F339-GM C8051F330-GDI C8051F353-GMR C8051F369-C-GMR C8051F367-C-GMR C8051F351-GMR C8051F365-C-GMR C8051F368-C-GQR C8051F368-C-GQ C8051F366-C-GQR C8051F362-C-GMR C8051F363-GQ C8051F364-C-GQR C8051F364-C-GQ C8051F349-GQR C8051F349-GMR C8051F363-C-GQR C8051F349-GM C8051F347-GMR C8051F348-GQ C8051F348-GQR C8051F347-GM C8051F361-C-GQR C8051F343-GMR C8051F343-GQR C8051F34B-GMR C8051F34B-GQR C8051F34B-GQ C8051F343-GM C8051F34B-GM C8051F341-GQR C8051F34D-GQ C8051F34D-GQR C8051F34C-GQR C8051F346-GQR C8051F346-GMR C8051F346-GM C8051F344-GQR C8051F34A-GMR C8051F34A-GQR C8051F320R C8051F330R C8051F321R C8051F331R C8051F330P C8051F350R C8051F351R C8051F353R C8051F352R C8051F315 C8051F330-GP C8051F365-GM C8051F368-GQ C8051F360-GQR C8051F364-GQR C8051F366-GQR C8051F368-GQR C8051F367-GMR C8051F369-GMR C8051F365-GMR C8051F326-GDI C8051F380-GDI C8051F388-GQ C8051F388-GQR C8051F389-GMR C8051F389-GQR C8051F38B-GQR C8051F38A-GQR C8051F38B-GMR C8051F387-GQ IC MCU 8BIT 32KB FLASH 32LQFP C8051F321-GMR IC MCU 8BIT 16KB FLASH 28MLP C8051F321 C8051F340-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 64KB FLASH 48TQFP C8051F340 C8051F342-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 64KB FLASH 32LQFP C8051F342 C8051F320-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 8KB FLASH 48TQFP C8051F320 C8051F330-GMR IC MCU 8BIT 8KB FLASH 20MLP C8051F330 C8051F352-GQ IC MCU 8BIT 8KB FLASH 32LQFP C8051F352 C8051F360-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 32KB FLASH 48TQFP C8051F360 C8051F380-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 64KB FLASH 48TQFP C8051F380 C8051F350-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 8KB FLASH 32LQFP C8051F350 C8051F314-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 8KB FLASH 32LQFP C8051F314 C8051F352-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 8KB FLASH 32LQFP C8051F352 C8051F336-GMR IC MCU 8BIT 16KB FLASH 20QFN C8051F336 C8051F332-GM QFN C8051F345-GQ C8051F340-GQR. C8051F363-GQR C8051F38B-GQ C8051F620 C8051F580-IQ C8051F980 C8051F531A-IT C8051F564-IQ C8051F930-GQ C8051F920-GQ C8051F500-IM C8051F502-IM C8051F413-GMR C8051F582-IM C8051T610 C8051F531-IT C8051T630DK C8051F520A-IM C8051F930-GMR C8051F501 C8051F411-GMR C8051F410-GQR C8051T326-GM C8051F502-IQ C8051F716-GMR C8051F530 C8051F761-GMR C8051T600-GMR C8051F537A C8051F412-GQ C8051F534-IM C8051F540-IM C8051F531A C8051F981-GMR C8051F411-GM C8051F921-GMR C8051F820-GM C8051F830-GS C8051F931-GMR C8051F500-IQ C8051T604-GM C8051F506-IQ C8051F500DK C8051F805- C8051T604-GS-0 C8051F410-C C8051T606-GM C8051T606-GT C8051F750-GQR C8051F500 C8051F9 C8051F410-GQ C8051F530-G C8051F531A-G C8051F834-G C8051T610-GQ C8051F410- C8051F505-G C8051F508-I C8051F511-I C8051F520 C8051F52 C8051F527 C8051F533A-I C8051f534 C8051f536 C8051F54 C8051F568-I C8051F580-I C8051F582-I C8051F588-I C8051F620-G C8051F700-G C8051F704-G C8051F707-G C8051F91 C8051F920-G C8051F930-GM C8051F931-G C8051T321-G C8051T327-G C8051T60 C8051T606-G C8051T606 C8051T610- C8051T611-GM C8051T620-G C8051T622-GM C8051T62 C8051T630-GM C8051F750-GMR C8051F750-GM C8051F411 C8051F53 C8051F81 C8051F83 C8051F92 C8051F93 C8051FT61 C8051F930- C8051F701- C8051F920-GM C8051F920- C8051F531AI C8051T321-GM C8051T327-GM C8051T600 C8051T611-GMR C8051T620-GM C8051T622-GMR C8051T624 C8051T630-GMR C8051F996 C8051F410-CQR C8051F530A C8051F505-GM C8051F508-IM C8051F511-IM C8051F520A C8051F523 C8051F524 C8051F527A C8051F531 C8051f533 C8051F533A-IM C8051f534A C8051f536A C8051F537 C8051F540 C8051F568-IM C8051F580-IM C8051F582-IQ C8051F588-IM C8051F620-GM C8051F700-GQ C8051F704-GM C8051F704-GQ C8051F707-GM C8051F911 C8051F931-GM C8051F530-GT C8051F531A-GT C8051F834-GS C8051F412 C8051F810 C8051F817 C8051F834 C8051F920 C8051F930 C8051FT610 C8051F805-GS C8051F701-GQ C8051F505-IQ C8051F500-IQR C8051F930-GQR C8051F921-G-GM C8051F700DK C8051F504-IQ C8051F507-IM C8051F541-IQ C8051F902-GM C8051F902-GU C8051F701-GQR C8051F572-IM C8051F561-IM C8051F550-IM C8051F584-IQ C8051F560-IQ C8051F531A-IM C8051F850-C-GMR C8051F706-GQR C8051F920-GQR C8051F571-IMR C8051F850-B-DK C8051F970-A-DK C8051F860-C-GS C8051F920-G-GM C8051F920-G-GQ C8051F930-G-GM C8051F930-G-GQ C8051F530A-IT C8051F413-GM C8051F587-IQ C8051F585-IQ C8051F850-C-GM C8051F832-GS C8051F530A-IM C8051F970-A-GM C8051F547-IM C8051F501-IQ C8051F581-IQ C8051T605-GS C8051F521A-IM C8051F975-A-GM C8051F537A-IT C8051F534A-IT C8051F971-A-GM C8051F555-IM C8051F553-IM C8051F565-IQ C8051F544-IQ C8051F587-IM C8051F586-IM C8051F583-IM C8051F583-IQ C8051F507-IQ C8051F969-B-GM C8051F921-G-GMR C8051F966-B-GM C8051F524A-IM C8051F716-GM C8051F706-GQ C8051F965-B-GM C8051F963-B-GM C8051F961-B-GM C8051F960-B-GM C8051F850-C-GU C8051F826-GS C8051F802-GM C8051F804-GS C8051F802-GU C8051F800-GM C8051F803-GS C8051F801-GU C8051F800-GU C8051T626-B-GM C8051F575-IM C8051F501-IM C8051F584-IM C8051F589-IM C8051T604-GS C8051T602-GM C8051F835-GS C8051T600-GS C8051T322-GQ C8051F813-GM C8051F825-GS C8051F816-GS C8051F809-GS C8051F808-GU C8051F813-GU C8051F806-GU C8051F812-GU C8051F974-A-GM C8051F972-A-GM C8051F551-IM C8051F542-IM C8051F545-IQ C8051F561-IQ C8051F503-IM C8051F851-C-GM C8051F980-C-GM C8051F988-C-GU C8051F850-C-IM C8051F991-C-GM C8051F990-C-GM C8051F850-C-IU C8051F996-C-GM C8051T623-GM C8051F911-GU C8051F901-D-GM C8051F912-D-GM C8051F902-D-GU C8051F912-D-GU C8051T616-GM C8051F524-C-IM C8051F534-C-IT C8051F530-C-IT C8051F543-IM C8051F563-IM C8051F969-A-GM C8051F965-A-GM C8051F504-IM C8051F964-B-GQ C8051F962-B-GQ C8051F960-B-GQ C8051F931-G-GM C8051F527A-IM C8051F814-GU C8051F717-GM C8051T635-GM C8051F820-GU C8051T320-GQ C8051F973-A-GM C8051F571-IM C8051F580-IQR C8051F855-C-GMR C8051F865-C-GSR C8051F852-C-GMR C8051F862-C-GSR C8051F854-C-GMR C8051F855-C-GUR C8051F864-C-GSR C8051F855-C-IMR C8051F865-C-ISR C8051F851-C-GMR C8051F985-C-GMR C8051F865-C-GS C8051F852-C-GUR C8051F861-C-GSR C8051F855-C-GM C8051F985-C-GM C8051F852-C-IMR C8051F853-C-GMR C8051F854-C-GUR C8051F863-C-GSR C8051F862-C-ISR C8051F862-C-GS C8051F854-C-IMR C8051F855-C-IM C8051F852-C-GM C8051F864-C-ISR C8051F983-C-GMR C8051F855-C-IUR C8051F855-C-GU C8051F864-C-GS C8051F851-C-GUR C8051F860-C-GSR C8051F983-C-GM C8051F854-C-GM C8051F851-C-IMR C8051F853-C-GM C8051F852-C-IM C8051F865-C-IS C8051F852-C-IUR C8051F861-C-ISR C8051F853-C-GUR C8051F989-C-GMR C8051F854-C-IM C8051F982-C-GMR C8051F853-C-IMR C8051F854-C-IUR C8051F982-C-GM C8051F863-C-ISR C8051F854-C-GU C8051F862-C-IS C8051F863-C-GS C8051F981-C-GMR C8051F988-C-GMR C8051F850-C-GUR C8051F852-C-GU C8051F861-C-GS C8051F989-C-GM C8051F850-C-IMR C8051F855-C-IU C8051F864-C-IS C8051F989-C-GUR C8051F860-C-ISR C8051F987-C-GMR C8051F851-C-IM C8051F851-C-IUR C8051F980-C-GMR C8051F851-C-GU C8051F988-C-GM C8051F853-C-IM C8051F853-C-GU C8051F853-C-IUR C8051F861-C-IS C8051F989-C-GU C8051F988-C-GUR C8051F852-C-IU C8051F981-C-GM C8051F986-C-GMR C8051F987-C-GM C8051F863-C-IS C8051F850-C-IUR C8051F987-C-GUR C8051F854-C-IU C8051T606-GMR C8051F991-C-GMR C8051F860-C-IS C8051F986-C-GUR C8051F987-C-GU C8051F851-C-IU C8051F997-C-GMR C8051F986-C-GM C8051F853-C-IU C8051F990-C-GMR C8051F986-C-GU C8051F996-C-GMR C8051T605-GMR C8051F997-C-GM C8051T605-GSR C8051F997-C-GUR C8051T604-GMR C8051T604-GSR C8051T605-GM C8051F835-GSR C8051F820-GMR C8051F808-GMR C8051F829-GSR C8051T603-GMR C8051T603-GSR C8051F996-C-GUR C8051F997-C-GU C8051F823-GSR C8051T623-GMR C8051F811-GSR C8051F814-GMR C8051F832-GSR C8051F834-GSR C8051T603-GM C8051T602-GSR C8051T602-GMR C8051F819-GMR C8051F828-GSR C8051F802-GMR C8051F826-GSR C8051F817-GSR C8051F822-GSR C8051F850-G1DI C8051F807-GMR C8051F805-GSR C8051F810-GSR C8051T603-GS C8051F831-GSR C8051F996-C-GU C8051F818-GMR C8051F813-GMR C8051F825-GSR C8051F833-GSR C8051T601-GSR C8051T601-GMR C8051F801-GMR C8051F806-GMR C8051F827-GSR C8051F816-GSR C8051T602-GS C8051F804-GSR C8051F821-GSR C8051F809-GSR C8051F820-GUR C8051T601-GM C8051T600-GSR C8051F808-GUR C8051F830-GSR C8051F824-GSR C8051F812-GMR C8051T326-GMR C8051T323-GMR C8051T327-GMR C8051F800-GMR C8051F815-GSR C8051T635-GMR C8051T601-GS C8051F803-GSR C8051F814-GUR C8051F802-GUR C8051F819-GUR C8051T621-GMR C8051F829-GS C8051F808-GM C8051F807-GUR C8051F823-GS C8051T634-GMR C8051T321-GMR C8051F811-GS C8051F920-G-GMR C8051F814-GM C8051T620-GMR C8051T323-GM C8051F813-GUR C8051F818-GUR C8051F819-GM C8051F828-GS C8051T322-GQR C8051F806-GUR C8051F801-GUR C8051T621-GM C8051F807-GM C8051F822-GS C8051F817-GS C8051T633-GMR C8051F810-GS C8051F831-GS C8051T634-GM C8051F812-GUR C8051F818-GM C8051T632-GMR C8051F901-D-GMR C8051F800-GUR C8051F911-D-GMR C8051T320-GQR C8051F827-GS C8051F806-GM C8051F801-GM C8051F821-GS C8051F912-D-GMR C8051F902-D-GMR C8051F526A-IMR C8051F527A-IMR C8051F920-G-GQR C8051F536A-IMR C8051T633-GM C8051F824-GS C8051F812-GM C8051F537A-IMR C8051F815-GS C8051F931-G-GMR C8051T632-GM C8051F901-D-GUR C8051F833-GS C8051F819-GU C8051F902-D-GUR C8051F524A-IMR C8051F807-GU C8051F523A-IMR C8051F534A-IMR C8051F911-D-GUR C8051F533A-IMR C8051F526A-IM C8051F818-GU C8051F930-G-GMR C8051T627-B-GMR C8051F521A-IMR C8051F531A-IMR C8051F717-GMR C8051T631-GMR C8051F530A-IMR C8051F975-A-GMR C8051F911-D-GM C8051F520A-IMR C8051F523A-IM C8051F902-D-GM C8051T627-B-GM C8051F536A-IM C8051F930-G-GQR C8051F537A-ITR C8051F974-A-GMR C8051F537A-IM C8051T631-GM C8051F527-C-IMR C8051F526-C-IMR C8051F536A-ITR C8051F901-D-GU C8051F536-C-IMR C8051T613-GMR C8051F537-C-IMR C8051T617-GMR C8051F972-A-GMR C8051F911-D-GU C8051F534A-IM C8051F973-A-GMR C8051F524-C-IMR C8051T626-B-GMR C8051F534A-ITR C8051F523-C-IMR C8051F534-C-IMR C8051F533A-ITR C8051T613-GM C8051F526-C-IM C8051F527-C-IM C8051F715-GMR C8051F533-C-IMR C8051T617-GM C8051F971-A-GMR C8051F531A-ITR C8051F521-C-IMR C8051F531-C-IMR C8051T615-GMR C8051F715-GQ C8051F715-GQR C8051F530A-ITR C8051F713-GMR C8051F714-GMR C8051F970-A-GMR C8051F530-C-IMR C8051F707-GMR C8051T612-GQ C8051T612-GQR C8051F520-C-IMR C8051F523-C-IM C8051F536A-IT C8051F712-GMR C8051F713-GQ C8051F714-GQR C8051F713-GQR C8051F714-GQ C8051F536-C-IM C8051F706-GMR C8051F705-GMR C8051F537-C-ITR C8051F707-GQ C8051F707-GQR C8051T616-GMR C8051T615-GM C8051F537-C-IM C8051F521-C-IM C8051F536-C-ITR C8051F712-GQ C8051F712-GQR C8051F704-GMR C8051F705-GQ C8051F705-GQR C8051F520-C-IM C8051F534-C-IM C8051F533A-IT C8051F533-C-IM C8051F534-C-ITR C8051F704-GQR C8051F533-C-ITR C8051F531-C-IM C8051F713-GM C8051F714-GM C8051F530-C-IM C8051F531-C-ITR C8051T614-GQR C8051T614-GQ C8051F715-GM C8051F530-C-ITR C8051F712-GM C8051F706-GM C8051F537-C-IT C8051F705-GM C8051F536-C-IT C8051F557-IMR C8051F556-IMR C8051F555-IMR C8051F547-IMR C8051F533-C-IT C8051F554-IMR C8051F546-IMR C8051F553-IMR C8051F912-D-GDI C8051F552-IMR C8051F531-C-IT C8051F551-IMR C8051F543-IMR C8051F567-IMR C8051F542-IMR C8051F550-IMR C8051F996-C-GDI C8051F566-IMR C8051F545-IMR C8051F565-IMR C8051T610-GQR C8051F544-IMR C8051F564-IMR C8051F563-IMR C8051F562-IMR C8051F561-IMR C8051F541-IMR C8051F557-IM C8051F556-IM C8051F540-IMR C8051F560-IMR C8051F554-IM C8051F567-IQ C8051F567-IQR C8051F566-IQ C8051F566-IQR C8051F565-IQR C8051F575-IMR C8051F567-IM C8051F564-IQR C8051F545-IQR C8051F507-IMR C8051F563-IQ C8051F563-IQR C8051F574-IMR C8051F545-IM C8051F565-IM C8051F573-IMR C8051F544-IQR C8051F562-IQR C8051F562-IQ C8051F561-IQR C8051F544-IM C8051F572-IMR C8051F564-IM C8051F506-IMR C8051F560-IQR C8051F541-IQR C8051F503-IMR C8051F570-IMR C8051F969-B-GMR C8051F569-IMR C8051F541-IM C8051F540-IQR C8051F540-IQ C8051F568-IMR C8051F560-IM C8051F968-B-GMR C8051F930-G-GDI C8051F502-IMR C8051F505-IMR C8051F507-IQR C8051F511-IMR C8051F967-B-GMR C8051F504-IMR C8051F574-IM C8051F505-IQR C8051F501-IMR C8051F968-B-GM C8051F966-B-GMR C8051F506-IQR C8051F573-IM C8051F503-IQ C8051F503-IQR C8051F510-IMR C8051F509-IMR C8051F965-B-GMR C8051F506-IM C8051F504-IQR C8051F500-IMR C8051F570-IM C8051F964-B-GMR C8051F569-IM C8051F502-IQR C8051F508-IMR C8051F967-B-GM C8051F587-IMR C8051F412-GQR C8051F963-B-GMR C8051F505-IM C8051F962-B-GMR C8051F585-IMR C8051F586-IMR C8051F964-B-GM C8051F583-IMR C8051F961-B-GMR C8051F584-IMR C8051F960-B-GMR C8051F510-IM C8051F963-A-GM C8051F410-GDI C8051F581-IMR C8051F582-IMR C8051F509-IM C8051F589-IMR C8051F962-B-GM C8051F591-IMR C8051F587-IQR C8051F585-IQR C8051F580-IMR C8051F588-IMR C8051F590-IMR C8051F586-IQ C8051F586-IQR C8051F583-IQR C8051F584-IQR C8051F581-IQR C8051F968-B-GQR C8051F968-B-GQ C8051F585-IM C8051F582-IQR C8051F581-IM C8051F591-IM C8051F966-B-GQ C8051F966-B-GQR C8051F590-IM C8051F964-B-GQR C8051F962-B-GQR C8051F960-B-GQR C8051F530-IM C8051F520-IM C8051F530-IT C8051F521-IM C8051F523-IM C8051F524-IM C8051F526-IM C8051F531-IM C8051F527-IM C8051F533-IT C8051F533-IM C8051F536-IT C8051F536-IM C8051F534-IT C8051F537-IM C8051F537-IT C8051F921-GM C8051F703-GQ C8051F710-GQ C8051F708-GQ C8051F709-GQ C8051F711-GQ C8051F702-GQ C8051T606-ZMR C8051F912-GU C8051F911-GM C8051F901-GM C8051F901-GU C8051F912-GMR C8051F912-GM C8051F990-GM C8051F991-GM C8051F997-GU C8051F981-GM C8051F997-GM C8051F996-GM C8051F996-GU C8051F980-GM C8051F985-GM C8051F986-GM C8051F983-GM C8051F987-GM C8051F987-GU C8051F989-GU C8051F988-GU C8051F986-GU C8051F989-GM C8051F982-GM C8051F988-GM C8051T606-ZM C8051F968-A-GM C8051F967-A-GM C8051F960-A-GM C8051F962-A-GM C8051F964-A-GM C8051F966-A-GM C8051F961-A-GM C8051F960-A-GQ C8051F964-A-GQ C8051F966-A-GQ C8051F968-A-GQ C8051F962-A-GQ C8051F921-F-GM C8051F920-F-GQ C8051F930-F-GM C8051F931-F-GM C8051F920-F-GM C8051F930-F-GQ C8051F700-GQR C8051F702-GQR C8051F708-GQR C8051F709-GQR C8051F703-GQR C8051F710-GQR C8051F901-GUR C8051F901-GMR C8051F902-GMR C8051F711-GQR C8051F911-GMR C8051F912-GUR C8051F920-F-GMR C8051F902-GUR C8051F920-F-GQR C8051F911-GUR C8051F921-F-GMR C8051F930-F-GMR C8051F930-F-GQR C8051F920-GMR C8051F931-F-GMR C8051F960-A-GMR C8051F960-A-GQR C8051F961-A-GMR C8051F962-A-GMR C8051F963-A-GMR C8051F964-A-GMR C8051F965-A-GMR C8051F966-A-GQR C8051F966-A-GMR C8051F962-A-GQR C8051F968-A-GMR C8051F968-A-GQR C8051F964-A-GQR C8051F980-GMR C8051F982-GMR C8051F967-A-GMR C8051F969-A-GMR C8051F983-GMR C8051F985-GMR C8051F987-GMR C8051F986-GMR C8051F986-GUR C8051F988-GMR C8051F988-GUR C8051F989-GMR C8051F989-GUR C8051F987-GUR C8051F990-GMR C8051F996-GMR C8051F997-GMR C8051F997-GUR C8051T606-GTR C8051F850-B-GU C8051F860-B-GS C8051F850-B-GM C8051F912-GDI C8051F930-GDI C8051F996-GDI C8051T630-GDI C8051T600-GM C8051F912-D-GUR C8051F996-GUR C8051F410-GQR IC MCU 8BIT 32KB FLASH 32LQFP C8051F410 C8051F500-IQR IC MCU 8BIT 64KB FLASH 48TQFP C8051F500 C8051F411-GMR IC MCU 8BIT 32KB FLASH 28QFN C8051F411 C8051F566-IM C8051F562-IM C8051F552-IM C8051F546-IM C8051F502 C8051F501-IQR C8051F530-C-AM C8051F581-AQ C8051F850-C-YMR C8051F531A-ZM1R

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C8051 Mixed-Signal 32KB ISP FLASH MCU Family C8051




Mixed-Signal 32KB ISP FLASH MCU Family


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