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12V450mA(5W) switching power supply module /LED voltage stabilizing module /AC DC voltage reducing module24V 150W switching power board high power industrial power module bare board DC power module 24V6AL7805 LM7805 three-terminal voltage regulator module 5V voltage regulator moduleXh-m401 dc-dc buck module XL4016E1 high-power DC pressure regulating plate with maximum voltage stability of 8ANc digital display module dc-dc DC booster module 400W constant voltage constant current
Open source dc-dc 1200W constant voltage constant current high power boost module solar energy charging 12-80vMPPT solar controller voltage ammeter numerical control boost module 24V to 72v battery chargerB900W CNC dc voltage constant current adjustable voltage module voltage ammeter 120V15A chargerOpen source 200W high-power booster module high efficiency input 6-35v 6-55v aluminum shellMulti-function adjustable switch control module triggers delay cycle timing self-locking delay switch on and off control
DC-DC high power adjustable voltage constant voltage constant current vehicle power supply LED booster drive aluminum substrate module 250WMT3608DC boost module 2A boost plate input voltage 2-24v l 5/9/12/ -28v adjustable 2577600W dc-dc booster module solar notebook power 10-60v 12-80v high poweDC-DC booster module high voltage ZVS capacitor charging electromagnetic gun 45-390V780V adjustable 5A1200W high-power DCDC booster constant voltage constant current adjustable vehicle charging power supply module constant voltage constant current through load protection reverse voltage protection
Direct source plug socket 5.5 * 2.1 005 b environmental protection power supply, DC power supply female 5.5 mm x2.5 < 10 PCS >9 v battery buckle line type I take power plug 5.5 * 2.1 DC head with 9 v battery clasp 6 square carbon making sexual battery cell button battery cap with line of DC power plug (5 PCS)Roller skating skating roller skates skateboards car wheels bearing twisting, car tricycle fittings buggies vigor board toy car (3 PCS)Switching power supply transformer 12 v30a monitoring dc 110 v ~ 220 v LED power supplyMobile phone use machine acoustic TF card reader to the small booth SD card playing type MicroSD memory card slot (5 PCS)
On-board yituo 2 car cigarette lighter to dual usb quick charge transfer general intelligent mobile phone car charger (mixed color 2 PCS)Fan, flat piece fan DC12V0. 15 a MOOEL; 4010 s is suitable for cooling ventilation in the computer machine parts9.0 mm steel ball 40 a sell Repair parts marblesF2AC(200-1000V) Test pencilF2AC(90-1000V)AC non contact Test pencil
F1AC(200-1000V) Test pencilTL10 PenTPAK Magnetic hangerTL175 Pen80BK-A Type-K thermocouple with standard shrouded banana jack Temperature probe
FLUKE-2042 Trace depth Cable detectorFLUKE-9062 Non contact motor rotation direction indicator Motor and phase sequence indicatorTemperature probe for Banana PlugUniversal digital multimeter testing probeVC60B+ Digital Megger Dedicated DC9V-1A Power Adapter
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