Breadboard 1

Shenzhen JIALICHUANG Elec Tech Dev. 1.6mm Double-sided universal board size:2x8cm(5pcs)CONNFLY Elec DS1136-06-830SNVCONNFLY Elec DS1136-23-400SNV-Q-Y4H.V1448.291/B1 LCD backlight Inverter Board TBD368LR-2 EA22B368T TD841G1LZ LCD backlight Inverter Board
VIT68015.50 LOGAH REV:0 LCD BLACKLIGHT INVERTER BOARDBN44-00235B LCD TV POWER SUPPLY BOARDVIT68001.95,VIT68001.95 REV:0The box contains 14 lengths of 140 hop - line bread board line U - shaped bread board jumper.400 hole bread plate
1660 hole board.750 hole bread plate with no welds.No welding test board for 2, 200 holes.The syb-500 composite bread board (4 combo sets) universal board.3220 holes no solder bread plate.
SYB-170 hole color bread board with bread plate 4.5*3.5 mini bread plate.No welding test board for 2390 hole bread plate.Single bread plate 50 hole bread plate.Syb-120 bread plate 188*46*8.5mm.840 hole breadboard can be spliced together.
830 holes without solder plate red and blue line.840 hole bread plate gl-12 175*67*8mm.300 hole bread plate,Circuit boardNo welding bread plate 1380 holes.Bread board syb-130 (19CM* 4.6cm *0.8)
MB-102 transparent bread board 830 - hole transparent bread plate. Mini small bread plate 400 hole length 8.5CM wide 5.5CM.Bread plate MB-102 830 hole board test board panel.The test board of non-soldered bread plate can be spliced without welding test board with 400 holes 3.5x8.2x0.85(cm)
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