Resistori a film di carbonio

Resistori di cemento

Resistori per montaggio su telaio

Resistore a chip - Montaggio superficiale

Resistori rilevatori di corrente

Resistore a chip fusibile

Resistori SMD ad alta precisione e bassa TCR

Resistori ad alta tensione

Resistori a strisce LED

Resistori MELF

Resistori in lega metallica

Resistori a film metallico (TH)

Resistori di smalto metallico

Resistori a film di ossido di metallo

Resistori all'ossido di metallo

Termistori NTC

Termistori PTC


Potenziometri e resistori variabili

Potenziometro di precisione

Reti e array di resistori

Reti e array di resistori (TH)

Resistori Ultrabassi (SMD)

Resistori variabili


Resistori ad avvolgimento


Condensatori elettrolitici in alluminio - SMD

Condensatore CL21

Condensatori a dischi ceramici

Condensatori ad alta tensione

Condensatore in film di poliestere metallizzato

Condensatori ceramici multistrato MLCC - Piombo

Condensatori ceramici multistrato MLCC - SMD&SMT

Condensatore di Mylar

Condensatori all'ossido di niobio

Condensatori a film di poliestere

Condensatore elettrolitico polimero solido

Supercondensatori e Ultracondensatori

Condensatori di soppressione

Condensatori al tantalio

Trimmer, condensatori variabili

Induttori e trasformatori di ferrite


Trasformatori di correnti

Induttori Generali (TH)

Induttori HF

Induttori (SMD)

Filtro LINE

Induttori di potenza

Trasformatore di potenza

Trasformatore RJ45

Induttore radiale (TH)

Gli induttori circolari





Risonatori ceramici

Oscillatori DIP (XO)

Cristalli a cilindro radiale

Risuonatori SAW

Cristalli SMD

Oscillatori SMD (XO)


Connettori AV

Connettori audio e video

Connettori a banana e punta

Connettori bordo scheda

Connettori circolari

Connettore - Prese per schede



Connettori- Alloggiamenti


Connettori D-Sub

Connettori Ethernet&Connettori modulari

Connettori FFC, FPC (flessibile piatto)

Connettori in fibra ottica

Prese per circuiti integrati e componenti

Tubi luminosi a LED

Connettori mezzanine (da scheda a scheda)

Connettori PCB - Basette, pin maschio

Connettori PCB - Basette, prese, prese femmina

Connettori PCB - Alloggiamenti

Connettori di alimentazione

Connettori RF&Connettori coassiali

Shunt e ponticelli

Morsettiere - Accessori

Morsettiere - Blocchi a barriera

Morsettiere - Din Rail, canale

Morsettiere - Basette, spine e prese


Clip di prova

Punti di prova&anelli di prova

Connettori USB

Connettori non specificati

Cablaggio a vite

Cablaggio a molla

Morsettiere innestabili

Morsettiere passanti


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STK795-522C-E MAX883CPA FSBS10CH60 MC33079P IRLR8726PBF ORIGINAL GOODS IN STOCK STK433-060 BUK7L11-34ARC 0451003.MRL 10FL2CZ47A 1.5KE33A 1SS302 LM338T 2N6073B LM3886TF 2SA1085E FNB41060 KBL06 MC68030FE33B EPM7128EQC100-10 HX8005NL SOP1 SOP16 6MBI300U4-120-01 SKKQ560/14E HCF4051BE ACS712ELCTR-20A-T 1.5KE200CA ACPL-072L-560 VSC892QG 2SK209-BL BF862 HA17904PS HA17901AP PC925L G3M-202PL-12VDC HCPL7800A CM100RL-24NFIGBT RJP63K2DPP 1N4752A MAX6709OUB LT1017IS8 DCR010505U LTC3776EGN ISP1763AETTM HFBR-1551 2N6758 SN65176BP KIA378R12PI CM75DY-24H UMX1N 151821-1510 40017 30470 IP3P125D SAB80C166-M-T3 HR911105A 14500 Battery Case (2-cell battery case with cable) + plug STK4152II AD827JNZ ICL7107CM44 PKF4611PI/F DS1305E+ LM741H SKM400GB125D LM741CN TAJB106K025RNJ N25Q128A11ESE40 UDA1334ATS/N2 STF6N65K3 Disposable Masks, Mask (50 pcs) (U.S.A. region only) GS-R405 M48T18-150PC1 BC547B 2SC1972 MC74HC125ADR2 IR21064SPBF MC14011BCP 74LVC138A SN74LVC02A LVC14A MB4204PF-G-BND-ER SN74LV244A 74F74D SN74LVC00A LVC08A 74F157A PC924 74BC244 K6T0808C1D-GF70 EP1-3N1S ST90R30C6R-C TLP552 HD74LS138P HD6809P NE555P HD6840P MAX232CPE HD74LS193P HD7406P HD74LS14P UPC451C CXD2163BR RJP63K2 RJP30E2DPP LM723CN 7MBP50RTA060-01 IRF1407 IRF1407PBF ATMEGA8515-16AU ICL7662 TLE2024C 74HC04D 74HC125D TPS54531DDAR HCNW3120-300E CC0603JRNPO9BN150 15PF (150) 5% 50V NPO HEF4013BT Nexperia HEF40106BT,653(5pcs) LC7535 HA1328 HD3103PB SEOUL LED Backlight 0.5W 3V 7020 STHBI141E-B Cool white TV Application 33.5LM MC1496P N20 geared motor intelligent car5 v micro dc geared motor at low speed turn (30) 180 degree Angle5 2SC2274-F CD4024BEE4 M5K4164ANP-15 GL852G-HHG12 BUF460AV 9055 3V active buzzer THDZ continuous sound buzzer YM2149F RP2A03 30554(Bosch) DS1693 36MB60A LD431850 IT8528VG AO3401 AP9977GM YM2413 CXK5814P-35L pm20cee060-5 SN75176BP PC957L HCPL-2531 MA2810 1DI30F-050 2MBI50N-060 CM150DY-24H G8P-1C4P-24V G8P-1C4P-24VDC G8P-1C4P-DC24V 24V 20A 5PINS L6562A R8J01067FT OP275GP 2SK30A-GR IRF840 HP4503 PT2399 P8251A D8259A-2 TL494CN APW7057KC-TR FZL4145D FZL4141D PS21553 74VHC125AP TOP247YN GT50J325 TNY277GN 6MBP20RTA060 HCPL-316J-000E 75176B RD1676 NTP18N06LG MMFT960T1G BY228GP LM358 DSI30-16A BUP313 6MBP100NA060 FGA25N120ANTD IRGPH50K MIC4426CN AM26LS31C DSEI12-12A 4.000 MHz 4M passive crystal HC-49S encapsulates dwarf body BB910 SAA1057P 2SK2850 FAN4803CP1 ADS1286P IRS20957S,IRS20957STRPBF TEA1761T BYV26C-TAP BZX79C10 BZX84C-7V5 UC3843AN UC3854N L6219DS ISO1050DUB TOP246YN TOP246PN BC548 PCM1681PWPR MC68B21P CA3081E 4AC12 30343 L9302AD AB28F400B5B80 47uF 63V 220UF 25V 220UF 50V AT28HC256E-90SU AT27C256R-45JU MN3005 2SC3240 CR2LS-50/UL A20B-2902-0120/03/PS12 PC817B UC3844BDG L298N LM358DR2G LM358DR SOP-8 ON FA5640N-D1-TE1 2N3773 UCC28063DR LM1496N IC socket 28PIN 22PF CERAMIC CAPACITOR L7805 BFQ34 MT42C4256Z-8 HD6345P MC68EC000FN20 VY86C610C-5 UPD72020C-8 HD6445CP4 SSM2210 2SC1000 2SC828R ENI21 solar panel M48Z02-150PC1 A20B-2902-0140/04 SAF-C515C-LM Piece of semiconductor refrigeration is water dispenser films for electronic cooling 12 v TEC1-12712 KN95 Masks, Mask (120 pcs) (U.S.A. region only) TC9122P SQD50P08-25L-GE3 MM74HC4052SJX TIP563 BXB75-48D05-3V3-FH 250-7001-879 XCS30-3PQ208I EMZA350ADA470MF61G KN95 Masks (10 pcs)+100ML 75% alcohol no-wash antibacterial wash hand gel 1 pcs (U.S.A. region only) 2SC1815BL EM78P459AKJ-G SN74LS382AN 2SK2231 BDY56 1SS106 74155 25TTS12 LM2878P TDA1675A MBD101 M5219L SAE800G AD574AKP 2SC3320 MC68030FE33C MC68882FN33A FS450R12KE3 IRFM110 Switching Power Adapter 12V2A(1M) BTA24-600B X28C256P-25 M81738FP AM7920-1JC DZT5401-13 2SA1837 HA17902P TD62084AP TC4019BP A7860 L6203 LD7889GHE CM75RL-24NFIGBT ULN2068B MPC8347CZUAGDB TN80C152JB XC95144-10PQ160I ZTX751 LT1180AISW AM29F010B-55JF AM29F010-70PI IRFK2D250 DK-432 BD3473KS2 M58BW016DB80T3F 7015FB / 885S02AA 40069 30521 30621 MCD40-12IO6 RJP30H1 DM9161CEP 6MBP300VEA060-50 82C79 AD827JN DIY HDMI Cable: 1m FFC 5*20mm 3A 250V Fast Blow Glass Fuses (100pcs) P8085AH HGTG12N60C3D HA1388 BD135 PGB1010603MR ADCMP600BRJZ FF1200R12KE3 KN95 Masks, Mask (40 pcs) (U.S.A. region only) MIP0223SY+ STK0060II TDK5110 BA5984FP-E2 MC74HC125AD MC74HC125ADR2G STD5NM50D 660C20AZT22 74F175D HD74BC245AFPEL LM2574HVM-15 SN75C185DW 74LV245A 74F08 SN74LVC32ADR LVC112A 74F138 LVC14 82C79M-2 HM628512BLFPI-7 TLP421(D4-GB-TP1) STD3NC50T4 HD14049UBP HD74LS10P TD62004APG HM6264ALP-15 HD46850P/HD6850P HD6821P HD74LS32P HD74LS00P UPC624C TC4028BP MPM3002 GIPS10K60T BTA16-600B TLP721F PS21254-EP MDD(Microdiode Electronics) GBJ5010 9L05A L2901 74HC11D 74HC08DSOP14 Nexperia 74HCT541PW,118 HC273(HC273) CC0603GRNPO9BN560 CC0402JRNPO9BN471 74HCT573PW STB6NK90ZT4 LC78211 HA1327 DC3V-6V gear motor/TT motor/130 motor/gear motor for smart car robot Disposable Masks, Mask (50 pcs)+100ML 75% alcohol no-wash antibacterial wash hand gel 1 pcs (U.S.A. region only) FW82801AA-SL3Z2 2SA608 2SA984-F MC14016BCP 29050H AD1170 Bluetooth transmission module/ bottom board included/ hc-05/ host & subhost integrated/ Arduino bluetooth module 67F090 90°C Normally Open Temperature Control Switch Thermostats YM2413B SN76489AN G5A-237P-12VDC TT60F08KBC TT25N1200KOF TPS51980 AS15F AP4951GM tda5100 GL850G MC6821 PC923 A1359 MR4720 MJE18006 MPX5010DP 6DI15S-060 9L15A D78F0883A L6599D ICE3B0365J CD4067 IRF8736TRPBF Disposable Masks, Mask (100 pcs) (U.S.A. region only) p521gb DK456 D8086-2 D8253C-5 SFH609-3 MC68376BGCAB25 BC327A BD235 MR1722 UPA1601GS BY228-TAP LM339 SGL50N60RUFD,G50N60RUFD UC2844D8 TLP759 H11G2 ACPL-P454 DSEP15-12CR IRFPG50 BYM36G LM324DG UC3843BDG MBR20100G MTP3N120E IXTA3N120 FS75R12KE3 HGTG11N120CN HCPL7860L AM26LS32AC 78L05 2N3904 PIC16F84-04/P S20LC40 2SK1940 HA17358 IRF3205 ADNS-2051 TEA1751T Tantalum capacitor DIP2 3.3UF 25V BZX84-C8V2 IR2113S TOP223PN K20T60 74HC32D SG3525AP TOP258PN TOP258P IC DIP7 TOP262EN PCM9211PTR L9213 MC68B00P LM339 DIP14 L05173 L9762-BC X28C64JM-20 100UF 25V 100uF 50V 47uF 35V X28HC256JM-15 L7805CV MN3101 S-AV36 IRFB20N50KPBF 7MBR50NF-060 AQ2A2-J-ZP3/28VDC PC923L SOP8 TLP557 JQ1aP-B-24V-F RN2321A 2SC1890AE 2N5457 2SC2688Y MM74C164N Resistor.Today AECR0805F10K0K9(50pcs) ATMEGA328P-PU 328P-PU Crystal oscillator DIP 49S 16MHZ UPC1905G SCC68070CDA84 MC68881FN16B VY86C710A-710A UPD72123LQ TP3465V CR6853T 2SC945-Q UPC324C AT29C512-90JU IXFH50N20 STP20NM60FP IRF350 D78C10AGF SAF-C164CI-LM TDA16846 LA25-NP 74HC175PW MC74HC4060AN TC5081BP SY100S892AZC AD8016ARB-B XCS40-3PQ208I 30605


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