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  • RJH3047
  • RJH3047
  • RJH3047
  • RJH3047

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Silicon N Channel IGBT High speed power switching

  • Stock Status: 32578
  • Payment:


Send to United States by Post

Post: First weight within 0.2kg is US$2.00,extend 0.1kg is US$2.00.

Shipment within 3 days, the commodity will arrive at 7 to 15 days

Activity: free shipping

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Plus member will enjoy 15% discount, 30% faster by courier.(50% OFF)

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  • Encapsulation: TO-3P
  • Brand: FSC/RENESAS

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  • From $18.00-$35.00 basic

    shipping fee depend on

    zone and country

  • From $18.00-$35.00 basic

    shipping fee depend on

    zone and country

  • From $4.00 basic shipping fee

    depend on different zone and



  • RJH3047


  • RJH3047

    Step2:Casing drivepipe

  • RJH3047

    Step3:Anti-static bag

  • RJH3047

    Step4:Packaging boxes

  • RJH3047

    Step5:bar-code shipping tag

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Weight: kg



Shipping Method Arrival time Shipping fee Tracking information

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Shipping Method Arrival time Shipping fee Tracking information

7-15 working days

Minimum US$2.00

Save shipping cost for purchase up to $49.00 by post office

have tracking information

Note: When the amount of commodity exceeds $250, the registered mail can not be chosen, this is to avoid the problem of shipping and the possible loss of commodity