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Simple upload, calculate cost in a second,

offer you the best bill of materials

BOM cost budget

Alternative parts recommend

Compare price and stock

Bill of Materials: a list of the parts and quantity of each needed to manufacture a product.


* Support Excel files (.xls , .xlsx)

How to choose the imported list?


1. Read data file from a specific line For example, the first line is the title, the second line is the part data, then please fill in "2"

2. Please select the meaning of each column of data.There are three options: part number, brand and quantity, of which the model and quantity are required.

How to modify the part number, brand and quantity?

1. Move the mouse pointer to the part number and you will see an icon of modification.

2. Click on the icon to modify the part number, brand and quantity.


How to change the recommended part number?


1. Move the mouse pointer to the recommended part number and you will see an icon of expanding.Click on the icon to get more info about the part number.

2. If it is not the part you want, you can also choose "Change" to see more.

Confirmed the part number, but what if I want to find the part with best price?

Utsource also offers the price comparison service, you can click on the "Compare price" in the list to get more parts from multiple suppliers.


One-Click Purchase, Utsource provides FBU service to guarantee the safety of your order.

Utsource is a global electronic components online service platform, where many outstanding suppliers are gathered.

Utsource provide the FBU (Fulfillment by Utsource) service, it is an integrated service for SME(Small and medium enterprises) users.

Features: high efficiency, high speed, safety and convenience.

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