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  • MN3205
  • MN3205
  • MN3205
  • MN3205

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  • Encapsulation: DIP8
  • Brand: MAT
  • DateCode: 07+

Product Details

1. Description

The MN3205 is a 4096-stage low voltage operation (VDD = 5V) BBD that provides a signal delay of up to 204.8ms at

clock frequency 10K Hz and is suitable for use as reverberation effect of audio equipments such as portable stereo

and radio cassette recorders which need low voltage and long delay time since S/N is 67dB in spite of many stages.


2.  Features 

> Variable delay of audio signals: 20.48ms~204.8rns.

> Wide power supply voltage: 4~9V.

> No insertion loss: Li = 0dB typ.

> Wide dynamic range: S/N = 67dB typ.

> N channel silicon gate process.

> Special 8-Lead Dual-In-Line Plastic Package.


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  • MN3205


  • MN3205

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  • MN3205

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